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IGRCI encourages individuals and groups to initiate forming chapters locally that can be used as a platform for sharing knowledge and professional growth. It provides with ample opportunities for professional networking and enable to be up to date on trends in the industry.

The chapters are governed by a set of rules for ethical way of handling the matters.

Those willing to initiate forming chapters may be in touch with IGRCI through the form on right side so that a copy of the rule set can be sent.

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Chapter News
Researching Needs. Certifying Capability.
Its an excellent way to be part of a governance community by forming a chapter. IGRCI chapters will be sources of knowledge and learning through researches and sharing knowledge. It also enables contribution to the society in terms of new ways of working, performing and achieving results. Personally, one grows gaining knowledge, interacting with people and thinking from many different perspectives.

Chapters enable an international cooperation and sharing perspectives and act with a global vision.
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List of Chapters
Bangalore chapter is being formed.

More news later...